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Alright, Supernatural fans, Twilight haters, or appreciators of Robert Pattinson: Go sign this petition! It’s trying to get Pattinson to play a vampire hunter on Supernatural, which I think would be all kinds of beautiful and amazing, given that we all know he hated Twilight. The petition only needs about 11,000 signatures (it already has over 35,000) so there’s a very real chance it could reach people who have the power to make this happen. So go! Sign!


Because the world apparently hates me, my email has decided to quit on me. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but I store all my reviews in the drafts folder on my gmail. So you can probably see where this is going. Fortunately, I will have the problem fixed by Friday, so we’ll be back on track review-wise next week.

In the meantime, have some pictures of Jensen Ackles looking pretty.

Hey, guys! How are you doing? I really wish I could be giving you chapter 12 right now. Honest. But, unfortunately, while I was out of town, my computer derped the fuck out and erased most everything, including my half-finished chapter 12 review. So, you are just going to have to wait another week. If you want some more funny shit, go check out It’s my new tumblog where I talk about things I don’t like. In the meantime, a friend did me a lovely work that I think deserves to be published here. I give you:




Hey, guys! After a couple of weeks to write and relax, I’ve decided that I will start posting again next Wednesday. Yes, you are correct: Breaking Dawn is coming to town. With a vengeance. Seriously. You have no idea how bad this book actually is. I hope you guys all had nice a nice Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Whatever you celebrate. (If anyone asks, the best gift I received was a new bracelet, and totally not a wonderful talking Captain America action figure, no siree.)

But whatever, I’m posting again next Wednesday and you should totally be there. Here’s a couple Twilight LOLs to tide you over.

A perfect summary.

A hundred internetz to the first person who gets the reference.

Along with blood, vampires also need a healthy dose of teen angst and morning announcements.




Right now, my computer is being a little bitch.

I also start school in a week and a half.

Due to the unfortunate combination of circumstances, there are probably not going to be any reviews for the next week and a half. I know, I suck, but I just don’t have time to give a damn about Bella’s petty melodrama. Besides, the fact that I’m only halfway through one of the most godawful books I’ve ever read just makes me die a little inside.

TL;DR, I’m taking a short break. Here is a picture of some cute kittens.

Guys, I suck.

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If you’ve been by here lately, you may have noticed the conspicuous absence of a Twilight movie review. I hate to break it to you, but shit doesn’t always pan out like you think it would. Life tends to get in the way of blogging, but I still feel awful that it’s been, like, three fuckin’ weeks and I haven’t put anything up here. And I’m sorry. Here’s a picture of a cute kitten to make up for the time I’ve abandoned you.

Moving on, I swear, I will push through all the technical difficulties I’ve been having, and you will get a Twilight movie review, goddammit! In the meantime, New Moon chapter reviews will start next Saturday. I repeat, next Saturday. Regardless of whether my movie review is done or not. Stick with me, bro, because in New Moon, shit gets real. And as in real, I really mean, “as real as it can get in a Twilight book.”

See you in a week.