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What this chapter should be called: Is that you, plot? Where the hell have you been?
Fucks I give: 1 confusion fuck


Before we get into this chapter, let’s have a quick recap of last chapter: first Bella will go to Italy, then South America. Meanwhile, Alaska vamp Irina showed up for mysterious reasons. Up to now, this story has been about as engaging as the back of a shampoo bottle and twice as useless.

But now, it’s plot time.


“Carlisle and Edward had not been able to catch up with Irina before her trail disappeared into the sound. They’d swum to the other bank to see if her trail had picked up in a straight line, but there was no trace of her for miles in either direction on the eastern shore.”


No one is able to find Irina, because she’s super good at playing hide-and-seek. Bella, as usual, mopes around and feels terrible, deciding that it must be her fault Irina ran. Because there’s so much she could have done to prevent the situation. Right. (+1 Angst)

Alice is only able to catch fuzzy glimpses of Irina’s future, because Irina isn’t deciding so much where she’s going as she is just going. Um, okay. If I hop in my car and take off down the highway, going wherever catches my attention, eventually my gas tank is gonna get low. At some point, I’ll have to make the decision to stop for gas. Same goes for Irina. She will make some decision, no matter how small, that Alice theoretically should be able to see.