Other Crap

Why are you even here? These posts are mostly just me bitching about computer problems. Go back to that index page and pick an actual review to read.

So, this sucks, in which you can look at some pictures of Jensen Ackles.

Well, this is embarrassing, in which I uploaded a drawing of a bear with wolf legs instead of an actual chapter review.

I’m back…kind of, in which I tell you about my Christmas and there are a couple of Twilight LOLs.

I swear to God, this is not my fault, in which I am a lazy slacker who is lazy.

Fangirl Bingo!, in which I give you something to taunt Twifans with.

What Next?, in which I whine about the future.

Whoops!, in which my computer crashed.

So, I took a Mary-Sue test regarding Bella, in which things are pretty self-explanatory.

Guys, I suck, in which there is a picture of a kitten.


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